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F4 Albums

[Jerry] *Jerry For You- 2004


[Vic] *Remember I Love You- 2004

1. Remember I Love You

2. You Body Temperature

3. Try To Love Me For A Day

4. Mama Said

5. How To Forget

6. Guarantee Of Happiness

7. Why Aren’t You Coming

8. Suddenly

9. Message of Three Thousand Years Old

10. I Breath You


[F4] *Fantasy- 2002

1. Can’t Lose You- F4

2. Seasons Of Fireworks- F4

3. Love’s Terrain- F4

4. Lonely Winter- Vic Chou

5. Fine Day- Ken Chu

6. You As A Friend- Vanness & Ken

7. I Love You- F4

8. Only I- Jerry Yan

9. Psychological Test- Vanness Wu

10. How Can It Be You- Vic Chou

11. Ask 4 More- F4

12. Can’t Help Falling In Love- F4


[Vanness] *Body Will Sing- 2002

1. Intro

2.Looking For My Juliet

3. My Friend

4. I Hate Myself

5. Body Will Sing

6. Lonely Plaza

7. Sick

8. Imagining Ten Of You

9. That Girl

10. Midnight Movie

11. Because I Love You Too Much

12. Ask For More- F4

[Vic] *Make A Wish- 2002

1. Make A Wish

2. Love Loves You

3. Hotline For Help

4. Pieces Of Tears

5. Gentle Good Night

6. With You And Me

7. Loving You

8. It Aches My Heart

9. Even Fairy Tales Are Not Good Enough

10. If It wasn’t For Loving You


[F4] *Meteor Rain- 2001

1. Meteor Rain- F4

2. I Really Really Love Very Much- Jerry Yan

3. Here We Are-Ken Chu

4. Who Made You Cry- Vanness Wu

5. Stubborn For You- Vic Zhou

6. At The First Place- F4

7. I Want You- Jerry Yan

8. Who Do You Love If Not Me- Vanness Wu

9. Love Won’t Always Wait For You- Ken Chu

10. The Most Special Existence