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-Jay's Lastest News-
POSTED ON: Aug. 18, 2004
Jay Chou Concert Updates
Mainland China Concert
- Fuzhou - October 6, 2004 [confirmed]
- Hangzhou - October 15, 2004
- Nanjing - October 22, 2004
- Jinan - October 30, 2004
USA Concert
USA West Coast Concert - December 18, 2004 7:30-10:30pm [confirmed]

Place: Shrine Auditorium in LA
Address: 649 W. Jefferson Blvd,. Los Angeles, CA 90007

To order tickets:
1. Call (626) 288-7828 or (626) 288-7228
2. Go in person to 1811 S. Del Mar Ave. #210, San Gabriel, CA 91776
3. Online at
Regular tickets are $40, $58, or $78
VIP tickets can be purchased for:
$300 = rows 4-12
$200 = rows 13-21
$100 = rows 22-30; also first few rows of second floor
*Thanks to for the updates
POSTED ON: Aug. 17, 2004
Agent comes to Fuzhou for negotiation talks, Jay's Fuzhou concert nailed solid
On August 12th, this newspaper reported that there were 10 cities in Mainland all rivaling each other in inviting Jay Chou to hold a concert. Yesterday, Jay's agent Zhou Shao Wei went to Fuzhou from Taiwan, and after holding a 2hr negotiation talks with the promotional company and the sponsor Fujian Mobile, it has been confirmed that Jay will schedule a performance in Fuzhou on October 6th.

To be able to win Jay coming to Fuzhou for a concert was not an easy task. According to the promotors, within the 10 cities that were all competing for the chance, including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan etc. heavy weight cities, although Fuzhou is only separated from Taiwan by a strip of water and had the advantage in geography, but from the scope of the city and spending per capita, Fuzhou did not have the advantage. Jay finally favoured Fuzhou is mainly because of Fujian's million "Jay fan"'s passion.

Acccording to investigation, earlier in May when Fujian's M-zone broke 700 000, the related parties were already planning a "May Tornado Jay Chou Fuzhou Concert", but because of scheduling it fell through. Now that M-zone has already broke 1 million, to strive for Jay coming to Fuzhou, Jay's official website can receive tens of thousands of invitational posts from Fuzhou fans everyday. Fans also formed a Jay Chou club and with the method of 10 000 signatures as invitation for the Small Heavenly King to come to Fuzhou. Zhao Shao Wei indicated: "Fujian's 1million "Jay fan"'s power in numbers
was utilized at the critical moment."
"Small Heavenly King" has high expectations for concert

Zhao Shao Wei revealed that Jay's demands for the Fuzhou concert's equipment/facilities setup is very high. The October 2nd, Jay's Taipei concert costed over 10 million in the equipment/facilities alone. Lights, sound, special effects are all things Jay pays the most attention to. The organizers indicate, Fuzhou concert's equipment/facilities conditions will have a definite gap from Taiwan's concert, but will be comparable to Jay's Beijing Metersbonwe concert in Beijing on September 17th. They hope to be able to make this concert become the most spectacular and most stirring visual/audio feast
of Fujian in recent years.

Mystery woman is still a riddle

According to Zhao Shao Wei, Jay's October 6th Fuzhou concert's lineup can be considered grand. Other than Jay taking the leading role, also invited the current A-list singer Wilber Pan, Taiwan's new Small Heavenly Queen Evonne Hsu, Taiwan's red hot group Energy to come and participate. Also the concertn will invite a mystery Taiwan/HK female star to participate, regarding the mystery guest, the related parties have currently still keeping it a secret, except to reveal that this mystery woman has close relations with Jay.
*Credits to:
Translation by: jakinni -
POSTED ON: Aug. 16, 2004
Jay Pulled a Few “Tricks” to Get Airplay for Five of His New Songs
A lot of people know that Jay likes to perform magic tricks—even Chen Jun Chang, host of ETFM’s “Relaxing Entertainment YAH,” wanted to witness the “Prez Chou miracle” with his own eyes and asked Jay for a magic show when Jay came to his show on Aug. 6th. Not only did Jay say yes to the request, he even performed his newest “stuff-out-of-the-empty-hat” trick. He took out a black top hat, swung his magic wand and pulled out his new album from the black hat that was originally empty. Host Chen Jun Chang was greatly impressed and generously played the full versions of five new songs off of the new album for the audience’s listening pleasure.

Jay, who likes to collect hats, was very interested in the magician’s black top hat. He said this kind of magician hat is filled with an exotic aura and matches his style in “Wounds of War” pretty well, except that after awhile it looks more like an European chauffeur’s hat. Jay often performs some small tricks to entertain his coworkers during breaks. Even with one coin, “incredible” Jay can still pull off breathtaking stunts. Jay said learning a new trick feels exactly the same as writing a new song because “I make music because I want to move people and make them happy. Similarly, I do magic tricks for people because I want to make them happy.”

From the magic trick in the cell phone commercial to the album-out-of-a-top-hat trick, the one trick Jay really wants to try is the one where David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear. He laughed and said, “To make the Taipei 101 building disappear would be pretty diao too!” For the antiwar Jay, the biggest wish in his heart is actually to make all the tanks and fighting machines disappear, “because I really don’t want any more wars and the heartbreaking helpless and innocent looks of those children under fire.”
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Translated By: Dong Feng Puo