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-F4's Latest News-
POSTED ON: Aug. 17, 2004
F4 in Thailand
You lucky Thailand FANS!  F4 will come back to Thailand to do a small concert again, confirmed on August 31st.   
POSTED ON: Aug. 17, 2004
Boyband Queues Outbeat One Another
March 2004, fans of Taiwanese Dance/Hiphop Band ENERGY queued for almost 3 weeks, 19 days to be exact to get an autograph from their favorite band!

These crazy Energy fans beat the 11-day record (queue) set by another Taiwanese boyband "5566" fans a month before Energy's turn!

The 5566 was meant to out-queue F4 fans who queued for 7 days last January to meet singer/actor Vic Zhou.
*Credits: Faithful 4ever
Source: Very! Singapore
Thanks to Iloverenfu of Only5566

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